For me, to you

Entree #1

So I’m intending on making this fairly personal, kind of like an emotional and creative outlet..


I’ve been struggling with writing, writing anything at all.. I swear it takes me about two hours to write one sentence for say, something like a school essay or anything work related.  Which you know isn’t all too convenient (it’s total bullshit). So through this project I’m hoping to help myself get back into writing by writing things I actually enjoy writing about. I’m also hoping to give you an intimate insight into my life whilst I make some self discoveries of my own.

I’m currently in my last year of school and getting ready to start the HSC (High School Certificate) which is absolutely terrifying, especially for someone like me that DOES NOT cope well under pressure… I tend to hand in a lot of blank papers.. Which is rather soul crushing as I used to be a straight A student. I feel as though I have been stripped of my identity and I will never get it back.  Depression and anxiety does that I guess. I’m working towards getting better I really am, but letting go of the fact that I cannot reach the perfection in my work that I used to is so incredibly difficult.

But I’m so proud of myself for reaching int this far, I never thought I would ever make it to my last year of high school let alone make it to 2017… Morbid thinking I know. I was in a terribly dark place, which I still struggle with on a daily basis, however I have found ways (and am still finding ways) to manage these intense feelings… But I will get to that later.

In these next posts I will be talking about my experiences with depression and anxiety, give you tips and tricks to help manage yours (and maybe help you to understand loved ones that are going through similar things),  and what ever else I feel needs to be written (I don’t want to put myself in a box so soon).

These entrees will vary in length, some being short and sweet some needing a bit more time to digest. Hopefully I can write things that will appeal to most of you.


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